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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Spring Edition

We've had some beautiful weather here this week and I hope it's nice where you are! The only real disadvantage of spring springing early is of course the massive amounts of pollen from the budding trees and bushes. I had a doctor apologize to me once, saying I was in the worse place in the world for my particular brand of allergies. I take that back--he said there's a particular valley in Iran that has similar conditions and the people there are miserable too.

That's okay. I've learned to live with it, after seven years of three allergy shots a week and over five decades of runny noses for months at a time. Even in my baby book, Mom wrote, "Poor little babe seems to have inherited both of our allergies." I have been using the saline nasal sprays to keep gunk flowing, hopefully preventing a trip to the minor emergency center for antibiotics. While I might want to get out and take a walk, I make sure I stay inside with the air filter going.

I've given my various allergies to my characters, in a fit of spite. Actually, I just used it in my ever continuing quest to not make it too easy for them.

But, here are some funnies and pretties to get us through the next week!

I remember finding some four leaf clovers behind our old house as a child. Always felt really special at the discovery.

I really love this! I did a couple of counted cross-stitch pieces from a Dover book of Celtic patterns:
A not very good picture, but you can see my insanity.

On to the kittehs.
We had cats that lived for the can opener and one I had to let smell the lid, so he could make sure it wasn't cat food. He was truly bummed when they started putting out those tuna pouches.

Sphinxes are so odd looking, don't you think?

Since I can't get out and garden (though I did have some lovely rose bushes when we got married), I live vicariously thorough one of my characters. She collects garden sculptures, wind chimes and all sorts of vases and containers. I had to stop myself from buying a couple of calla lily bulbs just last night. They would probably die unplanted in the garage like the hydrangea bush and iris rhizomes from two years ago. *sigh*

Our stripey twins love looking out the window and there are birds and squirrels that taunt them. They'd probably fall dead of a heart attack if they were actually confronted, though.

Absolutely. Don't you agree? I found a little silk flower arrangement of pink crocuses that I'd given Mom and I'm putting it in my cubicle at work. But, I love purple flowers. I'm also a firm believer you should "Bloom where you're planted."

And my dear husband is making us some egg sandwiches, which is my cue to go help! Everyone have a super week and enjoy some nice weather. Love to all!


  1. Good old alergey, Achoooo. I think it was why my daughter moved from Va to Fl (Flagler College). Pesky pollen. Have a great day any way. Love you.

  2. Some of my clients get allergy relief from acupuncture. My poor cats have allergies, but I'm reasonably unscathed until the goldenrod blooms. Wretched stuff... Thanks for the smiles, Julee, as always.