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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting a little overwhelmed sometimes

It's that whole adult child of alcoholics thing--I have a hard time starting things because I might mess it up.  I have a hard time finishing something because it might not be perfect.  I have a hard time accepting my work is good enough because there were times it wasn't good enough for Mom and Dad. 

You know the drill.  I've had to overcome that nasty inner voice in order to accomplish the things I want to do.  I had to measure a half dozen times to make sure I was cutting the fabric for a new cross-stitch project properly, then debate if I even wanted to use that fabric at all, because then I wouldn't have a square yard of it.  When I do make a mistake, I am so hard on myself, several of my bosses put on reviews they never had to "come down on me," because I did their work. 

So, I realize I could re-edit Seven Days yet again or start working on the second book in the series, Seven Months, while I'm researching agents and how to write the best query letter.  My husband even made a crack about me probably never getting anything out, because I'd continue to work on it for the next year.  I'll show him!  Procrastination and getting overwhelmed in the quest for perfection stopped me last time (20+ years ago) from attempting to get an agent, editor, published.  I've promised I'm not going to touch the first book until I get some feedback (positive or negative) from a reliable source and have the chance to think about it. 

Not that it's perfect, but it's pretty good now.  I need outside voices to give me some perspective on where to cut or how to refine it.  Meanwhile, my other characters are clamoring for attention.  Will and Elizabeth from Seven Days will figure prominently in Seven Months, as Will's brother Rob goes after Elizabeth's sister Mary Margaret.  But, it's time to move on, plowing ahead, even though I want to play Hearts and Bejeweled on the computer all night, while watching HGTV and Food Network. 

While I got a little overwhelmed, reading some author and editor blogs today, I promise I will sift through the information I've absorbed and actually get a draft of some query letters out by the end of the month, along with a list of potential agents.  There.  I've put it in print.  That means I have to do it now, right?  Thanks, again, to all who have joined me on this journey and please give me some feedback if you think I'm going in the right direction or just full of beans. 

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